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PRAYAGRAJ: More and more migrants who are returning from metros after losing their jobs to the lockdown are exploring opportunities in animal husbandry, said district officials.
District officials said that the number of migrants applying for the Pashu Palak Credit Cards (PCC) scheme in Prayagraj has been on the rise since the past few days.
Chief veterinary officer (Prayagraj) Dr RP Rai said, ” More migrants from trans-Ganga and Yamuna localities have been inquiring and applying for the PCC scheme with banks and agencies. Animal husbandry is luring a number of people during the lockdown, as people living in both rural and urban areas found it to be a better source of income. Some have even started buying cows and buffaloes.”
“People are trying to find out more about breeds of cows and buffaloes, whose milk has high fat content and more medicinal properties,” he added. As the world observes Monday (June 1) as World Milk Day, animal husbandry is finding many takers.
According to estimates, over 3,000 people have applied for the PCC scheme and other loans to purchase cows and buffaloes. Koraon resident RK Patel said, ” I have applied for the scheme as I want to purchase two buffaloes and sell the milk. After returning from Vapi in Gujrat, where I worked in a factory, I found that animal husbandry is a great source of livelihood. I don’t have plans to return.”

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